• Dr Mihai Caleap

    University of Bristol & Metasonics

    Digital sound processing metasurfaces

  • Dr Jordan Cheer

    University of Southampton

    Active acoustic metamaterials and cloaking

  • Dr Andrea Colombi

    Imperial College London


  • Prof Richard Craster

    Imperial College London

    Underwater metasurfaces

  • Dr Vicente Cutanda Henriquez

    Technical University of Denmark

    Modelling of viscous and thermal losses in acoustic metamaterials

  • Dr Ana Díaz-Rubio

    Aalto University

    Bianisotropic metasurfaces for perfect manipulation of acoustic wavefronts

  • Dr Daniel Elford

    Sonobex Limited

    Acoustic Metamaterials for Low Frequency Industrial Applications

  • Prof Romain Fleury

    École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

    Topological wave transport in acoustic systems

  • Dr Mehul Makwana

    Imperial College London

    Geometrically engineering topological highways in platonic crystals

  • Dr Alasdair Murray


    (Meta)Materials for underwater acoustics

  • Prof Will Parnell

    University of Manchester

    Hyperelastic Metamaterials

  • Dr Charles Rohde

    US Naval Research Laboratory

    Leveraging Additive Manufacturing in Acoustic Metamaterial Design

  • Dr Vincent Romero García

    Université du Mans

    Perfect and broadband acoustic absorption by deep sub-wavelength acoustic metamaterials for the reflection and transmission problems

  • William Rowley

    University of Manchester

    Applications of elliptical microstructure in novel acoustical devices

  • Dr Logan Schwan

    Le Mans University

    Nonlocal boundary conditions for corrugated acoustic metasurface

  • Prof Sriram Subramanian

    University of Sussex

    Metamaterial bricks and quantization of meta-surfaces

  • Alice Vanel

    Imperial College London

    Asymptotic analogies for closely spaced photonic and phononic crystals

  • Dr Lian Wang

    National Physical Laboratory

    Near field scan of periodic test objects

  • Dr Gareth Ward

    University of Exeter


  • Simon Yves

    Institut Langevin

    Crystalline metamaterials: a genuine tabletop platform for macroscopic solid-state physics phenomena

Supporting Institutions

This meeting is funded by XM2, the Centre for Doctoral Training in Metamaterials at Exeter University, and by the UK Acoustics Network.